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Hello my fellow bookworms,

I am excited to have the privilege to serve you as your GFWC Kentucky ESO Chair for the 2018-2020 administration. I am here to help you however I can as we continue on this ESO journey so please continue to share your thoughts and ideas with me. I have separated the Information, Forms, and Suggested Reading List for your ease and convenience. Also, the Suggested Reading List has been updated to reflect the new genres and new books included in the GFWC Reading List. Please keep in mind that you are not required to read books solely on this list; it is provided to you merely to give you ideas. 

Please make sure you check out the Book Challenges, Club Recommendations, and ESO Member Recommendations. Please let me know how I can be of service to you! 

Thank you, 

Angelique Puckett  

GFWC Kentucky ESO Chair, 2018-2020 


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